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The Hungry Pets


Single Player

In single player mode, you will have to get all foods for your pet that appear in the labirynth in the shortest possible time and with the fewest moves. In the end, if you were among the top 10, you can add your name to the ranking.


The goal in multiplayer mode is to get all foods for your pet before your friends. There are also items that appear on the labirynth that may help you get your food. You can also use them to thwart your opponents. It's lots of fun!


The online mode is the same as multiplayer mode, without the extra items. You can play with people from around the world through Game Center. Enjoy!


The Hungry Pets was developed by Brazilian company Mobits.

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Special thanks to designers Vladimir Andrade, Daniel Mafra and Fernando Ribeiro; and to sound designer Paulo Germano.

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